A Chance To Reset For Everyone

September signifies  —a clean slate, a fresh start, a chance to use new pencils, fresh notebooks, and begin again.

What if you used the back to school time as a chance to reset your goals and plans? You certainly don’t need children heading to school to take advantage of this, but if you do, all the better; the whole family can embrace it.

Start Simple

When choosing to reset we often shoot for the stars. There’s nothing wrong with that, but keeping things simple will help you stick with your plan. Start with the areas you want to work on, like nutrition, activity, sleep, learning, mental health. Once you have a few of areas or categories, select one or two goals/plans for each area. For example, eat more vegetables for a nutrition focus. Or walk 30 minutes a day for activity category. Or go to bed earlier so you can take that walk in the morning.

If you set goals in January that feel by the wayside, this is a great opportunity to resurrect them. Look at your list and see which ones feel ready to revisit for the fall reboot and roll them into your list.


Accountability Group

Take some time and decide what works best for you and then put things in place so you have the support you need. And make sure you do this in advance of when you want to start or you’ll be behind from the beginning, which tends to deter sticking with a plan.

There’s more than one way to stay accountable to our goals. And everyone is different. Some find it helpful to tell someone their goals so they have a person to check in with. Others find that writing it down and even breaking it into smaller steps helps. And for some joining a challenge, especially when related to diet, exercise, or learning new skills, helps them stick to their plan.

Let Us Help

You want to make sure that you include Alphameta in your health/diet goals.  If you’re wanting to increase your activity levels, think about joining the Better Health Challenge, where you can get eating plans, work with a team, and more.