Angel Moon Day-Night-Panty Liner 22 Pack Super Bundle

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Angel Moon Day Pads
Angel Moon Panty Liner
Angel Moon Night Pads/w Wings

Angel Moon is the ideal hygienic sanitary napkin what women exactly need, it combines anti-bacterial and super absorbent properties with a highly breathable sanitary napkin to promote clean, comfortable and reliable security. The ultra core help to promote a soft and comfort feeling

1. Anti-bacterial: Negative Ion Technology

  – Promotes clean and natural health through the patented Negative Ion Core™

2. Super Absorbent

  – Strong moisture retention center with an instant-dry surface layer, which provides a comfortable and clean experience in as little as 8 seconds

3. Highly Breathable

  – Designed with seven breathable layers to promote dry and odor-free experience

4. Keep clean and dry: Anti-leakage Design

  – Dual-dry core for optimal penetration into a high absorption layer

  –  Leak-proof comprised of a special absorbent material to prevent leakage and any damp sensation