Angels Secret testimonial from one of our Jamaican distributors

One of my customers has cancer in her womb and the doctor suggested surgery for her to remove the cancer. Since 2 months on the Angels Secret Negative Ion Panty Liners she has passed out thick yellow mucus, white pieces that look like flesh and smell very bad.

Feeling severe pain which is not unusual for her, she went to the doctor. There they refer her to a clinic. They don’t know what to tell her because they recommended surgery. She called to say that passed out a bungle of something like a cold round thing, shaped like marble with some white kernel hanging off.
Her urine used to drip, but now it is flowing freely. She use to suffer from a burning sensation before urine, also that is gone. She had to sit up in the bed night and day to try to get some sleep this way, and now she can sleep on her belly. She had difficulty eating, and now she does that with ease.
Something like a bag was coming down and it went up back. I advised her to see a doctor…I can only imagine how frightened it is for her and her family.
Praise be to God! No surgery was needed, and she is giving thanks for this amazing Negative Ion Technology inside Angels Secret… Faith F
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