Are You Using ANGEL MOON

Angel Moon Sanitary Pads: Provides All Round Protection

Angel Moon Sanitary Pads are available in various forms such as panty liners  day and night. All these Pads contain the same unique features that keep Angel Moon ahead of the other brands. The napkins have strong moisture retention ability with an instant dry outer layer which boosts the comfort zone of a lady within seconds. Also, each of these pads is designed with as many as seven breathable layers which promote a dry and an odor free experience. Manufactured by using the negative Ion technology they promote the cleanliness and natural health preventing various health disorders. These pads have a doubled lined barrier that prevents leakage from both beneath and side and help lock the moisture inside.

Angel Moon Sanitary Napkins: Allows You a Clean and Fresh Experience

Now with more research, evolution are made that allow a woman to combat the negative impact of this hormonal process cast on their lives. Thanks to these Angel Moon, most women no longer need to face any hygiene problems and can live their life in their own terms and conditions. Angel Moon Sanitary Pads provides full security to a woman not only by protecting her from the probable embarrassing situations but from several hygiene related problems. Angel Moon Sanitary Napkins combines super absorbent with anti-bacterial properties along with highly breath-ability factor to provide women with a kind of napkin that keeps them clean and dry always.

Why choose the Angels Secret Pads?

  • Angels Secret Sanitary Pads are built using superior technology to take care of your intimate needs.
  • Angels Secret Sanitary Napkins promotes high breath-ability along with protection from various health disorders.
  • These pads provide people with superior comfort and cleanliness.