Healthy, Happy, Harmony!

JMI/Angels Secret has been in the healthcare industry for over 20 years. While some consider 20 years a long time, we see it as only the beginning of a brand new future. JM has dedicated itself to the healthcare industry since its establishment in 1993 as one of the pioneering healthcare companies in China. JM has become an innovative multi-national healthcare company, with products and services, which are utilized by millions of customers across the globe.

With the new era progressing, health has become one of the most valuable assets in life. There are more people that are beginning to see holistic healthy options as a path to ultimate health. As the leading force behind the global healthcare industry and a firm believer that everyone has the access to a healthy and happy life, JMI introduces the innovative 3H Lifestyle. Through multiple products created with modern science and technology in mind, the 3H Lifestyle introduces the method of three integral aspects in humans, namely Body, Mind, and Soul. These aspects improve each other in a harmonious way so as to maintain ultimate health.

The 3H Lifestyle improves the three core aspects, ensuring each aspect is supported by specific products or services. This paves the way to ultimate health by reconciling the three aspects of Body, Mind, and Soul.

“Healthy” refers to a fit and strong body. JMI’s / Angels Secret  healthcare products will help achieve optimal physical health.

“Happy” refers to a fulfilling mental state. Join JMI to explore the world with our global family members, through which we fulfill our dreams and enrich our lives.

“Harmony” refers to the synergy of peace in both a mental state and eco-friendly environment. Blended with natural elements, JMI/Angels Secret products produce a harmonic, comfortable environment full of positive energy diminishing negative factors around you.

JMI’s 3H Lifestyle is an important way for you to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We invite you to join us for a sustainable future, where we can all live a positive life and see our dreams fulfilled!

Our Culture

Core Value: We Create, We Share
Mission: To bring health and happiness to more people
Brand Proposition: Quality Branding Integrity
Brand Culture: JM Eco–Home, A Better Home
Vision: To build a world class platform to enhance health and business opportunities

The high-tech products we offer and the concept of eco-home has attracted 3 million Distributors to JM so far.  We have broadened their opportunities allowing unlimited scope for distributors prepared to explore new areas in an ocean of opportunities. We provide excellent support for those pursuing their dreams – a strong network, marketing and sales support, and excellent customer service.

We invite everyone who wants to make a change to join us.  Together, we will move towards a brilliant future. ​

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