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A Revolution of Environmental
​Protection from EMFs!

AlphaSpin is a powerful holistic wellness tool infused with Proprietary Spinning Frequency that produces a powerful resonance capable of transferring spinning energy so that a quantum energy field is established.


AlphaSpin (technical engineered glass) has been known to:

  • Create a natural Quantum Energy Field
  • Harmonize your living environment even when surrounded by harmful EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies)
  • Generate hexagonal water clusters
  • Improve absorption and increase hydration
  • Improve micro-circulation
  • Extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables
  • Be used as a reflexology frequency tool to facilitate the flow of energy
  • Facilitates quality sleep
Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical concern and cannot be substituted for professional medical advice provided by your physician, therapist, or any other healthcare professional.


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