Sanitary Napkin For Women

Angel Moon™ sanitary napkins are made from premium, extra soft material and has a super strong adsorption capability, along with good air permeability.  There are NO chemicals, bleach or recycled/remanufactured materials.  And best of all, each pad contains a multi-functional core which provides negative ion (anion), nano silver, far infrared and bio magnetic properties.  This multi-functional core helps to regulate body function, as it is antibacterial, anti-odor, and it restores hormonal balance and improves blood circulation! 

Keep reading for the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions!

What is a negative ion?  So glad you asked!  A negative ion is an odorless, tasteless molecule that is breathed into our respiratory system.  Negative ions are created anywhere water is moving (rivers, oceans, waterfalls, rainstorms, etc.). They neutralize free radicals (positive ions), revitalize cell metabolism and enhance immune function.  This acts like a vitamin in the air to relieve irritation, tension, fatigue and to remove unpleasant odor so that every woman can feel comfortable and fresh during “those” days, as if she is bathing in a mountain highland, simply breathing in the nature around her.

What is Nano Silver? Nano silver particles have extremely large relative surface area, increasing their contact with bacteria or fungi, and vastly improving its bactericidal and fungicidal effectiveness.  The nano silver, when in contact with bacterial and fungus, will adversely affect cellular metabolism and inhibit harmful cell growth.  In other words, the nano silver suppresses respiration, basal metabolism of electron transfer system, and transport of substrate in the microbial cell membrane.  It helps to inhibit multiplication and growth of those bacteria and fungi which cause infection, odor, itchiness and sores/rash.

Why switch to Angel Moon™ sanitary napkins?  Angel Moon™ sanitary napkins are a personal hygiene product that provides a combination of health function, clean hygiene and super comfort, giving the best experience for women, while protecting their health at all times.  Angel Moon™ provides negative ion technology, enhanced with nano silver, which  adds antibacterial and anti-odor benefits to prevent infection and inflammation.  Furthermore, Angel Moon™ is made from superior materials, like Super Adsorbent Polymer (SAP) and unique surface layer construction, which locks in moisture and liquids to keep the surface layer ALWAYS dry and comfortable.  The special design of sanitary napkins also promotes better air and heat ventilation, enhancing the comfort for the product user.

How does Angel Moon™ prevent itching and odor during menstruation?  Normal sanitary napkins collect and trap the blood during menstruation.  This blood contains many organic nutrients, which can easily become a culture medium for bacteria growth.  Discomfort and itchiness in the female genital area is caused by the rapid and abnormal growth of harmful bacteria which may increase the risk of itching, rash and inflammation.  In contrast, Angel Moon™ sanitary napkins are designed to enhance the antibacterial functions through special material (negative ion and nano silver), which suppresses the many causes of infection that might occur with sanitary napkins of poor quality.

How often do you have to change a sanitary napkin?  It is recommended that pads are changed every 4-6 hours, depending on the flow.  If used for 10-12 hours, that could lead to bacterial growth, odor and even infections.  If you suffer from heavy flow, it is recommended that a pad be changed every 2-4 hours, more often for better hygiene.

Is Angel Moon™ Sanitary Napkins safe for long term use?  Yes!  They are free of fluorescent bleaching agents, and they are antibacterial, which exceeds the basic hygienic standards.  Therefore, they are safe for prolonged use, especially if changed every few hours.

What makes Angel Moon™ sanitary napkins so absorbent?  Angel Moon™ sanitary napkins are made with a super adsorbent core that is bound by a waterproof lining.  These evolved into ultra-thin sanitary napkins, which use Super Adsorbent Polymer (SAP).  SAP is a petroleum-based product that can adsorb liquids many times its weight.  That converts into gel, which keeps the surface layer dry and comfortable.  

Do these napkins have a fragrance?  No.  Angel Moon™ napkins and liners are fragrance free and safe to use.  

Are the products thick?  How is the air permeability? Angel Moon™ is ultra-thin, with a thickness of 0.8mm for day pads, and a thickness of 0.6mm for the panty liners.  In addition, the bottom layer is designed for best ventilation.  Because it is ultra-thin and light, you will not feel like you’re wearing a sanitary napkin.