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5 Reason To Use Angel Moon

Menstruation is not a topic that is often discussed, but it is a very important topic for every female with a monthly cycle. Pads or sanitary napkin are usually pressed up against a woman’s body, specifically the skin around your vaginal area. Most of these pads and sanitary napkins contain certain stuff that you definitely don’t want near the vaginal area. The chemicals listed below could be in the sanitary napkins that most female use, Angel…

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Most Women Don’t Know The Dirty Secrets of Feminine Hygiene Products

Menstruation is an uncomfortable topic made worse when many of the products women must use contain known cancer-causing carcinogens. Its time for some Real Truth No one wants to discuss feminine hygiene products. Not ever. It’s usually embarrassing and the topic can make even the strongest woman incredibly uncomfortable. Mothers purchase their daughters’ products and pray for them to read the directions instead of asking questions. But with studies questioning how these goods are made and…

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