Angels Secret With Negative Ion Versus Leading Sanitary Pads

Every woman is at risk using sanitary napkins containing dangerous chemicals.
Dioxin is a very dangerous chemical it may cause cancer when used frequently. Women use sanitary napkins between the age of 11 till 50/55 – this means the body will absorb an enormous amount of Dioxin every month – Angels Secret is the protection you were waiting for to stay healthy in the best way you can. Protect yourself and enjoy everyday.

It has been long acknowledged that the ions has positive effects on human body. The negative ion can regulate the working balance of human body, maintain blood pressure, kill bacteria, eliminate odor, improve the coalescence and immunity from disease, activate human’s parasympathetic, calm and relax your mind.

Investigations have since proved that most menstrual sanitary napkins available on the market are produced from recycled paper materials

These Paper materials containing print ink and other chemicals are later bleached with chemicals like  dioxin and chlorine.

Studies have shown that these chemicals are cancerous when they come in contact with the human skin  well, not immediate cancer but the effects are cumulative so imagine the effect that can have on a woman’s genitals.

The Angels Secret Sanitary Napkins come in a fully sealed / resealable package with 100% Quality care for helping you maintain the perfect health.