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JMS3 Mattress Travel Set

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To make health as easy as sleep
The sleeping system consists of “far infrared”, “anions”, “bio-magnetism”, and various other energized elements. It utilizes the technology of simulation in order to create a modern natural environment, similar to Bama, to stimulate life energy which allows you to enjoy longevity and health amidst the hustle and bustle of modern living.

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​3 Main Components of JMS3

Magnetic generator

  • Permanent magnetic field setting.
  • Scientific arrangement of magnetic pole and magnetic sheets, resulting in stronger and stable dimensional magnetic field through the body, producing bio-electricity to activate the body cell and improve micro-circulation.


  • One of the crystals in nature that has thermoelectric and piezoelectric effect.
  • Generating anions continuously and emitting far infrared in the range between 4 -14 micron wave-length to promote better blood circulation and metabolism at the cellular level.

Cross-linked polyethylene foam (EPE)

  • High quality materials imported from Japan which will be automatically compressed according to the contours of the skeletal system.
  • A cylindrical structure with high elasticity is far better than the elasticity of common springs, providing a good cushioning effect for the body.
  • Providing a good support for the skeletal system in accordance with the normal body curvature, releasing tension build ups on the spine.
  • ​The cylindrical structure provides a shiatsu-like massage effect.



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