What White Discharge Could Be Telling You

 Vaginal discharge will begin not long after a girl gets her first period, vaginal discharge is quite normal. This discharge is a fluid that is a mix of cervical mucus and vaginal secretions. The amount of vaginal discharge that a woman produces will vary. There are certain factors that may affect the amount and consistency of vaginal discharge. Some of the things that can affect vaginal discharge include changing hormones, pregnancy and possible infections.

The discharge has several functions such as keeping the vaginal area clean, providing lubrication for intercourse, and it can also help to prevent infections. While it may seem like something is wrong if you are suddenly experiencing more discharge than normal, chances are that it is just your body going through some type of change. Here are ten things that your body may be telling you through your vaginal discharge.

The cervix is the passageway from the upper and lower reproductive tract. There are glands that surround the cervix that create fluid. The consistency, quality and the volume of the fluid will change with your menstrual cycle. The Menstrual Cycle varies from woman to woman. However, there are some definite similarities when it comes to certain aspects of this monthly occurrence. When it comes to vaginal discharge.

White vaginal discharge is really quite normal and is simply informing you that your body is going through a cycle. For the most part, discharges from the vagina are quite the norm and not something to really be concerned about. However, there are times when a discharge may be alerting you that there is something wrong. It is important to see your doctor if you are experiencing a vaginal discharge that is green or gray in color.

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