Reason Angel Moon Pads Are Better.

Sanitary pads are the most widely used period-absorbent and period care product in many countries. Most of these sanitary napkins use a lot of synthetic materials, making them a non-biodegradable waste at the end of the day. With the large amounts of non-biodegradable sanitary waste that we churn out regularly, such synthetic pads pose a large threat to our environment. There are many other cons of using synthetic pads during your menstrual cycle, therefore, it is better to switch to Angel Moon organic sanitary pads. While Angel Moon pads are fairly new in the United States, there are many reasons to make this transition. Here are some of the main reasons why you should choose organic sanitary pads over their synthetic counterparts:

Better for the environment

As you may already know, it takes plastic many hundred years to finally decompose, similarly, it takes a synthetic pad 500 years to decompose on its own. With 9,000 tonnes of plastic waste produced annually in India, you don’t want to be someone who adds to that when you have alternate options accessible. Most organic sanitary pads can biodegrade completely in around 6 months because they use raw materials like organic cotton, bamboo, cornstarch, and other naturally occurring substances.

Easy disposal

When you use sanitary pads and have to change them during the day, the established and socially acceptable way to do so has been wrapping it up in some scrap paper and bin it. While this works, it is not exactly hygienic nor can it be done all the time, because what happens when you don’t have loose papers available. On the other hand, angel moon pads come with their own packaging that is biodegradable and facilitates hassle-free and clean disposal of used pads. This is especially helpful when you are outside or traveling somewhere.

Prevents infections and related health issues

The chances of getting infections and allergic reactions to some of the chemicals in synthetic pads are higher than angel moon pads. Chemical-free sanitary pads like these maintain pH levels that make it difficult for any infections to happen. The dryness and breath-ability promised here also help in monitoring the pH levels other than the non-interference of chemicals.

Reduced risk of cervical cancer

The continuous exposure to plastics, harmful toxins and chemicals through synthetic sanitary napkins can lead to severe health consequences. The most dangerous of the medical risks that a synthetic pad poses is cervical cancer. When you spend a lifetime protecting yourself from radiation, eating good food and following a healthy lifestyle, ignoring the risk of cancer from sanitary pads is just absurd. Switching to organic sanitary pads might seem like a very small change, but it can lead to bigger results than you could have ever imagined.

No artificial smells

Although we have already established that most chemicals and materials used in the making of synthetic sanitary napkins are healthy or too hygienic, artificial fragrances need to be mentioned too. The widely advertised modern pads that you see everywhere use artificial colours, polyester, adhesives, and many other chemicals to neutralize smells and give them specific looks. Such excessive usage of these can cause a host of problems like irritation of sensitive skin, hormonal imbalances, and even fertility problems. Some much safer and better alternatives are organic sanitary pads and panty liners.

Good for your skin

Many of the women using mass-produced synthetic pads don’t even realize that the cotton variant that they buy is not as gentle and soothing as angel moon sanitary pads. Since such pads are completely chemical-free as well aside from using organic cotton, they are better for your skin. The chances of you developing any painful rashes in your sensitive areas or being generally uncomfortable with the pad or panty liners are further reduced.

Doesn’t ruin underwear

Most women keep their period underwear separate from their regular ones, however, any delay or advancement in your period cycle can throw this order into disarray. Through continuous usage of synthetic pads over time, the underwear is bound to be ruined in one way or another. Sometimes it is the strong chemical adhesive that ruins it, other times it is leakage due to subpar absorption. By using organic sanitary napkins, you can get rid of this problem because they have great absorbent capabilities along with other ways to keep the pad in its place other than stronger adhesives. You can bid goodbye to the ruined period underwear this way!

Best care for your vulnerable areas

Your intimate hygiene and care deserve the best of what is available. So even though they might be slightly costlier than your normal synthetic pads, organic and chemical-free sanitary pads assure you better quality as well. Gentle, non-toxic and comfortable are all attributes that you should take into consideration any menstrual care product, and the organic options fulfill all these criteria.

Once you are used to going through your period days in a certain way, it might be difficult to change these lifestyle decisions. For all those who ignore healthcare during periods, take the first step towards what’s better. Switching from synthetic pads to angel moon may look like a daunting prospect but it is one that will ultimately have a positive effect on the environment and your own health.