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5 Reason Super Absorbent Pads Are Better

Here’s why a super absorbent feminine pad is better: A super absorbent feminine pad is a game-changer when it comes to managing periods. These pads are designed to soak up and lock away menstrual fluid, keeping you feeling fresh and confident throughout the day. Here are some reasons why a super absorbent feminine pad is better: Longer Lasting Protection: A super absorbent feminine pad can last for up to 8 hours without needing to be changed,…

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Why Choose Angel Secret

Angel Secret is the ideal hygienic sanitary napkin. It combines anti-bacterial and super absorbent properties with a highly breathable layers to promote clean, comfortable and reliable security.    1. Ultra SoftCloud Feeling of Surface Layer, Soft and Skin-friendly ​2. Ultra ThinLight and Thin, Free and Comfortable.Extreme-thin down to 0.8 mm.  3. Instant Massive Absorption, Day and BreathableFull Absorption, Two-way Ventilation 4. Multi-functional CoreDouble Anti-bacterial Effect, Healthy and Hygiene.Negative Ion, Nano Silver, Plant Fiber 5. Fluorescent Brightening…

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Reason Angel Moon Pads Are Better.

Sanitary pads are the most widely used period-absorbent and period care product in many countries. Most of these sanitary napkins use a lot of synthetic materials, making them a non-biodegradable waste at the end of the day. With the large amounts of non-biodegradable sanitary waste that we churn out regularly, such synthetic pads pose a large threat to our environment. There are many other cons of using synthetic pads during your menstrual cycle, therefore, it is…

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Sanitary Napkin Latest Technology

Angels Secret brings to the table safe, super-absorbant and all-natural sanitary napkins with integrated negative ion technology. The sanitary products market is a minefield. With young women being more conscious about the products they use. Angels Secret with negative ion technology If a woman is not careful during her menstruation cycle, she can become more susceptible to some gynecological diseases that may impact her quality of life. Not to mention the discomfort of cramps, migraines, PMS,…

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