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Benefits Of Negative Ion

A negative ion is an atom or molecule that’s gained one or more negatively charged electrons. Anions are naturally created when there’s evaporating water, and it’s naturally found in certain minerals (e.g., tourmaline). When water molecules collide, the water becomes positively charged, but the surrounding air becomes negatively charged. As the droplets of water are released (due to the “Lennard Effect”), smaller droplets interact with the air, and the air molecules become negatively charged. If you’re…

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Natural Remedies to Help You Breeze Through PMS

Premenstrual syndrome is the official name for everything women go through before their monthly menstrual period stars, with some of those symptoms continuing on through the cycle. For many, though, “syndrome” doesn’t quite describe it. Instead, it’s more like a condition, an illness, or something akin to the flu. Many women just plain don’t feel good, don’t feel like themselves, and wish the time would go by as quickly as possible. It may help some to…

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Sanitary Napkin Latest Technology

Angels Secret brings to the table safe, super-absorbant and all-natural sanitary napkins with integrated negative ion technology. The sanitary products market is a minefield. With young women being more conscious about the products they use. Angels Secret with negative ion technology If a woman is not careful during her menstruation cycle, she can become more susceptible to some gynecological diseases that may impact her quality of life. Not to mention the discomfort of cramps, migraines, PMS,…

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