Why Angel Secret Sanitary Napkin Is Different

A woman genital organs are a very sensitive area that should be given special consideration by all women, health conscious individuals and health care persons.

How women treat this area of their body can directly affect their skin, health, overall hygiene and prospect of living longer.

Vaginal health issues have be known to affect many a woman’s reproduction, sex life, relationship and self-confidence.

Vaginal infections are one of the most common reasons millions of women see their doctors.

Vaginal infection can appear in the form of vaginal discharge, odor, itching and pain.

Vaginal infections are caused by microorganisms which are prominent during vaginal flow or menstrual period.

Women can take cautions by wearing safe and healthy sanitary pads.

Where can you get highly effective, healthy and hygienic sanitary napkin?

Angels Secret is best sanitary pad recommended by healthcare professionals for every woman to reduce their risk of getting infections.

Benefits of Angel Secret Sanitary Napkin

Why is the Angel Secret Pad highly recommended and a very effective feminine napkin?

Negative Ion Core

The Angel Secret Sanitary Napkin patented Negative Ion Core reveals the surprise health benefit of negative ion in weakening the potent ability of germs, microorganisms and other allergens.

Super Absorbent

Have you ever felt embarrassed because of the liquid stain that comes from vaginal flow from most napkins to your cloth, especially in public?

Then Angel Secret Sanitary Napkin surprises you how it can easily absorb large quantity of water within 8 seconds and give you an instant dry surface layer.

Odor Free

The Angel Secret Sanitary Napkin  has been specially designed with 7 layers that keep you dry and free from offensive odors.

Dual Core Layer Design

To increase the high absorption nature of the Angel Secret Sanitary Napkin it has been reinforced with a dual-dry layer.

It also comes with a double-lined leakage barrier that holds in moisture and avoids side leakages.

Why Angel Secret is Different -Benefits of Angel Secret Sanitary Napkin Seven Layers

Why is the Angel Secret different? The surprising uniqueness of Angel Secret from other feminine pad can be better explained taking a look at the seven layers that makes up the Angel Secret Sanitary Napkin.

Angel Secret First Layer (100% Pure Cotton)

The First Layer of Angel Secret Sanitary Napkin is 100% pure cotton. What is the benefit of a pads with pure cotton? It increases the absorbent nature of the pads and it is free from the harmful synthetic chemicals that can harmful health effects.

Most sanitary pad are made with synthetic materials because they are cheaper to produce that way. These chemicals cause skin itching, discomfort and even cancer.

They do not also allow the skin to breathe which increases the accumulation of microorganisms.

Angel Secret Second Layer (Negative Ion Core)

The Second Layer of Angel Secret Sanitary napkin is the all-natural negative ion core.

Negative ions are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron that can clean the air of contaminants.

These negative ions are produced naturally by the effects of water, air, and sunlight and the earth’s radiation.

The clean air results you sense when you are at the beach, a fountain or flowing water are the practical effect of negative ions.

The Angel Secret Sanitary Sanitary Napkin comes with a second layer of negative ions that naturally protects you from harmful microorganisms, reduces skin diseases, keeps you clean by balancing PH and hormone levels.

Angel Secret Third Layer – Air Laid Paper

The Third Layer of the Angel Secret Sanitary Napkin is the air laid paper which serves as an extra protection from side leakages.

Angel Secret Fourth Layer (Super Absorbent Polymer)

The Fourth Layer of the Angel Secret Sanitary Napkin is its Super Absorbent Polymer. This polymer can absorb so much liquid as much as 300 times its own weight. This feature makes 10 times stronger to hold liquids than other common feminine pads, thus protecting the body from unclean discharges.

Angel Secret Fifth Layer (Enhanced Flow Layer)

The Fifth Layer of the Angel Secret Sanitary Napkin is its introduction of another layer that specially designed to prevent reverse percolation.

The result of preventing percolation is that is protects the liquid from staining the body and at the same time easily absorb any dampness from the body.

Angel Secret Sixth Layer (Extra Air Laid Paper)

The Sixth Layer of the Angel Secret Sanitary Napkin is an extra layer of air laid paper. This extra layer of laid paper continues to strengthen the liquid holding strength of the napkin and provide the necessary dryness a women needs.

Angel Secret Seventh Layer (Micro-Perforated Layer)

The Seventh Layer of the Angel Secret Sanitary Napkin is a micro-perforated bottom layer. This final layer helps in the flow of fresh air around the feminine organ, thus preventing growth of harmful microorganisms.

The Angel Secret Sanitary Napkin is now possible for anyone to get this ideal hygienic feminine napkin delivered to you anywhere in the world.

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